• Selected Third-Party-Funded and Research Projects

    Educational Measure for Cohabitants of Dementia Patients with a mental disability; Funded by the Software AG Stiftung,

    Run Time: 2011-2016

    Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier,
    Heike Lubitz

    Environments within the Quarter: Examination of the Formation of Social Participation and Social Connection in the “Wohnverbund | Süd” of the Martinsclub Bremen e.V.

    Funded by the Martinsclub Bremen e.V.,

    Run Time: 2013-2015

    Dr. phil. Imke Niediek,
    Teresa Kreutz

    New Paths to Inclusion Network

    Funded by the European Union,

    Run Time: 2013-2015


    Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier,
    Dorothee Meyer,
    Dr. phil. Imke Niediek

    Formative Evaluation of the Qualification Measure “Vocabulary” in Day Care Centres of the Region Hannover

    Funded by the Region Hannover

    Run Time: 2012-2015

    Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier,
    Dipl. Päd. Claudia Schröder,
    M. Sc. Sandra Schrader

    Experiencing History -  Handling of People with Disabilities during the NS-Time Funded by the “Leibniz-KIQS - Concept and Ideas for Teaching during the Degree”

    Run Time: 2012-2013

    Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier

    Joint Learning - Seminars with Participation of People with Mental Disabilities Funded by “Leibniz-KIQS - Concepts and Ideas for Teaching During the Degree”

    Run Time: 2011-2012

    Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier,
    Dorothee Meyer
  • PhD Projects
    Influence of the family on the planning of the interim time between and after school under the simultaneous observation of processes of social disparitiesKarolina Siegert
    The Importance of one’s experience in heterogeneous learning groups and its effect on the development inclusive-pedagogical attitudesAlice Junge
    Group processes in inclusive small groups: Results of “Joint Seminars” Dorothee Meyer
  • Concluded PhD Theses
    Language and Interactions of children in their second or third year of life in day nursery and day care. 2016Claudia Schröder
    The anorectical ideal of “Pro Ana” Online Blogs. A qualitative study of virtual production procedures/practices. 2015Linda Siefert
    “This feels like Thunder in your Head!” - Experiencing and Handling of dementia processes with a mental disability. Education and Support of Staff and Cohabitants of people with a mental disability and dementia. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt Forschung. 2014Heike Lubitz
    The Subject in the Help System. A study on individual help-planning in Supported Living Quarters for people with mental disabilities. Wiesbaden: VS. 2012Imke Niediek
    Language and Interactions in Daycares. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt Forschung. 2009  Timm Albers
  • Concluded Projects
    Professional Action in supported living quarters for mentally disabled people in the context of the conversion from stationary to ambulatory supportProf. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier

    “Differently Old?! Life Quality in Old Age of People with Mental Disabilities” (Funded by: BMBF Förderlinie SILQUA-FH, Partner Project with Hochschule Osnabrück; Run Time: 2009-2012)

    Prof. Dr. Windheuser,
    Prof. Dr. Riecken,
    Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier,
    Lisa Oermann
    Day Nursery Study: Quality of Education and Development under 3: Language, Emotional and Social Development Courses/Processes of Children in Daycares and Day Nurseries under the goal perspective of Inclusion.Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier,
    Dr. Timm Albers