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Facilities of the Support and Learning Centre

Facilities of the Support and Learning Centre

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In the library of the Hannover Support and Learning Centre you will find literature on various areas of support and perception as well as literature on the methodology and didactics of the subjects taught. For General Studies, basic didactic literature as well as materials on specific topics are available for the teaching of the subject, arranged according to the various subject areas: (e.g. Environmental Education, Mobility Education, Health Education, Weather, Technology, Learning about History in General Studies, Childhood in the Past and Today, Water, Air, Forests, Waste, Time, ...).

These materials include educational games, wildlife identification books, non-fiction books for children, General Studies indexes and publications from various institutions.


The Collection of Teaching Materials includes materials for action-oriented work, exploration and experimentation:

  • Experiment cases/boxes from the publishers CVK, Kosmos, Spectra and Fischertechnik, specifically designed for primary schools
  • Construction materials, including LEGO, Kappla, Geomag, Zometool, etc.
  • Everyday materials for experimenting, building and constructing
  • Aquariums, stereoscopes, binoculars, vivariums, collection of various magnets
  • Collections of stones, shells and types of wood
  • Various measuring instruments and models (e.g. globes, functional models, preparations).
  • Subject area of Language and Communication

    In the subject area of Language and Communication, students of the Institute of Special Education can find a wide variety of support and therapeutic materials, including materials on child language development and literacy (e.g. picture books). In addition, there is an extensive collection of therapy materials on speech, language and voice disorders, some of which are also dealt with and discussed in seminars. Students are invited to view these materials, examine them critically and try them out in their practical training.

  • Acquisition of written language

    In the support workshop, there are materials for the regular acquisition of written language, such as primers and materials based on the language experience approach. In addition, there are courses and training units for the promotion of special difficulties in reading and writing. The topic of multilingualism is also to be found in the support workshop, among other things with support materials for teaching German as a Second Language (DaZ).


Those who cannot speak have a lot to say!

Based on the current competencies of a person, AAC develops individual measures for people who cannot (sufficiently) speak or understand language (adequately) due to a disability. Alternative and complementary forms of communication are used such as facial expressions, gestures or signing, and communication aids such as communication folders, symbol boards, speaking keys or computers with a voice synthesizer.

The AAC Lending Section at the Hannover Support and Learning Centre offers a wide range of communication aids for students of the Institute of Special Education to try out and borrow. In addition, the AAC Lending Section provides the opportunity to get to know educational, therapeutic and diagnostic materials for working with people who use AAC, to share ideas for increasing participation in everyday life or to promote the communicative skills of AAC users, and to obtain further information about AAC in Lower Saxony.

In addition to the permanently installed seminar equipment (beamer, screen, blackboard), the Support and Learning Centre has mobile media for student assignments, some of which can be borrowed on request. Binding and laminating can be done at cost price.