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General Special Education and Sociology comprises topics in the philosophy and sociology of science, ethical and pedagogical issues in special education practice, as well as issues of inclusion, diversity, disability and disadvantage. Key topics of the department are to be found in the following areas:

  • Circumstances of disabled or disadvantaged people and their relatives, with special consideration of their subjective experience
  • Social and legal issues relating to the education of disabled and disadvantaged people
  • Theory and historical development of special education pedagogy, as well as currently developing trends (e.g. inclusive education)
  • Guiding principles and goals of special education pedagogy (Normalisation, Integration / Inclusion, Self-Determination, Life Quality), including questions of quality development and assessment
  • Best practices for teaching methodology in special education (Diagnostics, Defining between Education, Therapy and Care, Cooperation and Advice etc.)
  • Anthropological and ethical questions of special education pedagogy, including questions of gender and disability

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