General Studies can be studied at Leibniz University Hannover as a second subject or as an extension subject within the framework of the special education programme.

It is taken from the 3rd BA semester onwards. After completing the appropriate Master's programme, students qualify for a teaching position in Special Education as a second subject.

The subject of General Studies is understood as a general educational orientation subject at primary school level and deals with natural science phenomena and social issues.

The consequence of this is that thinking is based on perspectives and not on subjects. The aim is to establish a relationship between children’s own experience and specialist knowledge.

The teaching area General Studies and Inclusive Didactics focuses on the individual ideas of children with different learning prerequisites about phenomena and questions in their environment, thus initiating learning and educational processes based on these ideas. These childlike perspectives are further developed in a factual and professional way.

  • Selected examples of content in the Bachelor’s subsidiary programme:
    • Introduction to the goals and concepts of General Studies
    • Discussion of interdisciplinary contents, such as education for sustainable development, education in democracy, peace education, etc.
    • General Studies processes at out-of-school learning locations
    • Heterogeneity of child learning prerequisites and ways of seeing phenomena
  • Selected examples of content in the Master's subsidiary programme:
    • Discussion of subject-related perspectives on General Studies topics
    • Methodological approaches to research questions in the context of the didactics of General Studies
    • Lesson planning and analysis of teaching materials


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