Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Bettina Lindmeier

Bettina_Lindmeier Bettina_Lindmeier © Roland Schneider/Bilderraum Fotostudio
Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Bettina Lindmeier
Bettina_Lindmeier Bettina_Lindmeier © Roland Schneider/Bilderraum Fotostudio
Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Bettina Lindmeier
Teaching Staff Representatives
Examination Board Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (Master of Arts)
Institute of Education for Special Needs


  • Difference and Inclusion
  • Teacher Education & Professional Development
  • Diversity-sensitive university
  • Participation of disabled or disadvantaged people (i.a. in the context school assistance, joint seminars)
  • Age/Dementia and Disability


  • Field Experience
    • Project Coordinator in accompanying scientific research on the de-hospitalization of people with intellectual disabilities from the psychiatric district hospitals in Bavaria (Project leader: Prof. Dr. W. Straßmeier, University of Würzburg)
    • Teaching assignments at various universities
    • Lecturer in adult education, especially for people with disabilities
    • Researcher at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Institute for Special Education, Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Research (selection)
    • Scientific monitoring of the de-hospitalization of mentally disabled former long-term patients from the Bavarian district hospitals (1997-199, Prof. Dr. Straßmeier)
    • Several research visits to the United Kingdom on adult education and housing for disabled people, families with disabled children (1998-2000)
    • Expertise through participation in scientific work for the research center "Living Areas of Disabled People" (Z.I.E.L., Tübingen) on the topic "Criteria for the design of housing facilities for people with disabilities" (1999)
    • Collaboration in the research project 'Families with Disabled Children' (1999-2001, headed by Prof. Dr. Thimm), further research trip to England on this topic (2000)
    • Several research and practical projects on early childhood education, among others
      • Film Project, (K) A Place for Änna '; NIFBE Transfer Project, 2009
      • Integration into Day Care Centers as a Key to societal Participation, NIFBE Transfer Project, 2009-2011
      • Nativity Research Lower Saxony ', NIFBE Research Project, 2009-2011
    • Several research and practice projects on aging and (mental) disability, among others
      • ,Aged Differently?! Quality of life in old age for people with intellectual disabilities'; BMBF funding line SILQUA-FH, project partnership with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Dr. Windheuser / Prof. Dr. Riecken), 2009-2012
      • Evaluation of the care for senior citizens of the Lebenshilfe Braunschweig, foundation of the LH Braunschweig, 2009-2010
      • Educational activities for roommates of dementia sufferers with intellectual disabilities; Software AG Foundation, 2011-201
  • Education
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education (focus: Behavioral disorders and learning disabilities) at the University of Würzburg
    • Master’s Degree in Special Education, Pedagogy & Teaching Methodology, and Iberoromanic Philology
    • PhD in Special Education, Pedagogy & Teaching Methodology, Iberoromanic philology. Subject of the dissertation: On the beginnings of the education of difficult children with Johann Hinrich Wichern
    • Acquisition of the National Montessori Diploma
    • Habilitation in the field of general disability education